Steering Wheel and Stalks
The steering wheel has two stalks (the one on the right was originally used to control a hydraulic shifter and the on the left was the throttle); the hydraulic shifter was disconnected and a classic floor stick shifter was added which allows much better control via feathering during docking; the right hand stalk is now used for the throttle, and the left one controls a valve in the siphon bailer line; the horn ring activates a two trumpet horn under the deck.

Modern Instruments for Safe Cruising.
An InterPhase forward scanning sonar, a GPS and a marine phone are positioned on a bracket mount to the right of the helm so as not to deface the mahogany dash.

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Each switch is identified by an engraved chrome washer. The control for the deck spot light is present as is the engine choke; each windshield wiper has a separate switch for easy intermittent activation

Transom with Swingin' Shepherd name.
Swingin' Shepherd Blues, the name of a popular jazz tune in the 1950's, lead to the boat's name.

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Docking Cover
The docking cover keeps rain out of all open space; there is a second cover of the same size with clear panels which can be used when under way in rain; a full water line cover is also included.

Heavy duty trailer
A dual axel trailer with brakes on every wheel is included; it is great for long distance travel; also the aft guide-ons have Teflon surface sheets for rapid and safe boat positioning.